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Who is Ann-Sophie?

Ow, speaking of writing, I wrote 2 books you can purchase here! I have created this website to share everything I love and am passionate about and hope you will enjoy visiting. Thank you for stopping by!

Hi! I am Ann-Sophie! I am a passionate life lover who loves trying new things, inspiring people and traveling the world or staying at home with my husband and daughter. I live in Port-au-Prince Haiti, where I grew up, but went to college in Montreal where I studied international business. I started traveling the world at 19 years old and I have crossed more than 22 countries off my list. I moved back to Haiti in 2014 and started my own business in tourism there, MENNEN'M LA TOURS in late 2015 and then my second one in health and wellness, La Vie En Green, in 2019. I am a lover of all things adventurous but also ABSOLUTELY love to be home and chill. My passion is to help others, through coaching  programs , to become the BEST version of themselves. Welcome to my page!

Ann-Sophie Hamilton
Ann-Sophie Hamilton

Ann-Sophie Hamilton
Ann-Sophie Hamilton

Ann-Sophie Hamilton
Ann-Sophie Hamilton

Ann-Sophie Hamilton
Ann-Sophie Hamilton

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 Mennen'm La 


I also plan cool trips around Haiti and abroad! Mennen'm La Tours was founded in November 2015 when I decided to link my love for Haiti with my passion for business and sustainable tourism.


Since then, I have helped more than 100 people visit Haiti and I am now also planning group trips abroad.


Check out Mennen'm La Tours to learn more and BOOK a trip with me!


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