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Daughters and Sons of the King

All of a sudden, I felt in direct communication with God. This never happened to me before. It was not a big voice coming from the sky but it was this force talking to my spirit and making me 100% sure that what I was hearing was real. At that moment, I understood what it was like to be filled with the spirit. I suddenly felt hot in a not so hot room and the magnitude of the force overwhelmed me. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had to obey. (...) While I was invoking, I didn’t think that it had such an importance but when all of these changes started happening, I realized that God was real. I am laughing at myself writing this because I grew up thinking I believed in God but it is only after truly experiencing it that I can say without shaking that God, this extravagant and all powerful force they told us about, is real.

Radical Faith

In our walk of faith, how many times have we let seeds of lie grow in our hearts? How many times have we left the door open for the devil to blind us and cause us to lose focus from the truth that God had already placed in us? Radical faith is for the Christ follower who got distracted and tired during his/her walk of faith.


This book will challenge you to stop living as a part-time Christian, to pick up your cross again and walk. It is a reminder that God's truth and plan for our lives does not change because of our circumstances, weaknesses, or lack of faith. It is a reminder that God, with His unfailing love, grace, and mercy is always ready to welcome His children back home

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