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I heard it is international breastfeeding week and I want to write a Love Letter to all the moms out there. Those who chose to exclusively breastfeed, those who chose to mix with formula, those who decided not to breastfeed, those who had to stop for their mental health or other reasons, those who could not breastfeed... All of you. Can we have a group hug real quick?

The journey of becoming a mom, whether it is the first or 7th time is a sacred journey. One that too many go through rushed, shamed or unsupported. Among all of the challenges that come with motherhood, breastfeeding is definitely one of them and maybe one of the hardest. The thing is, just because breastfeeding is a natural process, doesn't mean that it is always easy. As a matter of fact, for many, breastfeeding is not a walk in the park. From the pressure to increase our supply when we feel we are not making enough, to some doctors advising to use formula from the get go, to mastitis, to leaking, you name it...

I share how I have experienced mom shaming related to my breastfeeding journey after giving birth and honestly this was my first direct experience with this type of shaming. It was a very painful and stressful experience to say the least. The postpartum period is hard on so many levels and what moms need the most at that moment is unconditional help and support. If you are not finding it in your surrounding, you can always come here. This is a safe place to be vulnerable and receive all the love you can handle.

To the moms out there who are struggling through their breastfeeding journey, I want you to know that you are loved, I want you to know that your worth as a mother is not measured by the number of oz of milk you can pump. I want you to remember that any choice you make is valid: Whether you choose to stack up your freezer with milk, or choose to simply go with the flow until you feel it is time to quit. I want you to take a deep breath and remember you had a life unfolding inside your womb. Your body sheltered, nurtured and protected your baby for weeks/months and that is enough to be super proud of. Now that your baby is here and your womb is empty, things can be so confusing... I know. If you are crying reading this and wondering why, don't. We do not always need to justify or understand what we feel. Plus... hormones haha. I want you to remember that you are doing a great job. Look at you, loving on your baby even through the fatigue and the moments of hopelessness . I invite you to quiet to noise around you today. Nobody but you can be your baby's mother at this specific moment. It is ok to ask for help, it is ok to feel like you are too tired to do this and you know what? It is also OK to tell people to shut up and mind their business. There are so many different voices surrounding mothers "Do this. do that. Not like this. Not as much..." I know it is not easy but one step at a time, one day at a time, you will find YOUR rhythm and see that your little one turns out JUST FINE.

Stay encouraged



One last thing, I want to share with you the two products that have been of incredible help when I was working on increasing my supply. The Lactation pills and drops from Sprigslife. You can get a 15% off on all of their products simply by clicking here or clicking on the Pinterest Pin below.

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