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How we found out we were PREGNANT !

Updated: Jun 13

If you are reading this blog post, it means the "secret" is finally out and I have officially announced my pregnancy! Whewwww! Writing this gives me ALL THE FEELS. I cannot believe that Jean-Luc and I are parents and will get to meet our sweet baby late September. I have so much I want to share with you and I will make sure to do so on here and on my youtube channel, so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss anything!

In this post, I'll tell you all about how we found out we were expecting. In case you were wondering...BABY H. WAS A WONDERFUL SURPRISE! He/She came when mommy and daddy had absolutely no clue they had conceived. On January 30th 2020, I took a pregnancy test that would forever change my life for the better <3...

Jean-Luc and I were actually starting to talk about it at the end of 2019 and were very open to it. We actually felt VERY ready. But we had decided to start trying in March 2020, mainly because of some work related plans I had for August and September 2020. We figured that if we started trying in December 2019 or even January-February 2020 and it worked, I would be due by August , September ish, which would make it very complicated for my work related plans.

So that being said, after the holidays, I started working out a lot more. I increased my boxing classes from 2 to 3 a week. And I also had latin danse classes the 2 other days. I was also eating a very high raw diet (all raw some weeks) and drank a lot of water. Basically, I was "preparing my body" in the hopes of starting to try in March. I had also started taking folic acid supplements on January 25th since they say it is good to start taking them about a month prior to starting to try for a baby. As you can see, your girl was READY to prepare the territory.

I am what I like to call an impulsive planner if that makes sense. I have a side that is very adventurous and likes the unknown and a side that really loves to plan things ahead and be super prepared. Obviously I was more of a planner when it came to planning my pregnancy.

My period was scheduled to arrive on January 20th 2020. During my birthday week (January 16th), I started having the early signs of menstruation. The ones you get a few days before your period comes. This was totally normal for me since my period was scheduled to arrive in the next days. I celebrated my birthday and had a lot of fun. I even posted in my Instagram stories about how rich I would be if I could collect a coin for everybody who had wished me a pregnancy on my birthday. At that time I was quietly cherishing the thought that, in March, Jean-Luc and I would start trying for our first baby. We kept laughing at the jokes, without sharing that this was something God was surely putting on our hearts.

On January 20th, the day after my birthday camping trip at the beach, my period didn't come. Again, still very normal as I am usually 1 or 2 days off from the estimated date. Plus, I still had the period cramps letting me know my period was coming. On that day, I also started a 21 day of prayer and fasting. This first week I was fasting solid foods, so only having liquids like smoothies, juices, raw soups etc. and also not using social media, journaling to God every day and all that good stuff. The first week went by amazingly great. I did not go through detox, I kept working out every day and spent time with God. I journaled to Him about the increasing desire I felt in my heart about starting a family. This journal page was written on January 13th!

The only thing that I had noticed after getting back on raw foods was that I was sleepy super early. At 5 pm I was ready for bed. And by the end of the week, my period still had not come. Believe me when I say I suspected ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Even though my cycle is super regular, it did happen once or twice that my period came later than usual. I gave myself all the reasons why this could be happening: new year, clean eating habits after the holidays.... There could be so many factors. Plus, on that week-end I had experienced some strong period signals. I cannot count how many tampons/Pads I wasted thinking my period was going to come ASAP...

The next week started and my period still did not come. Again, thought nothing of it. By that time, I had switched my smoothies to raw salads because i was fasting fruits and could not make smoothies without fruits. After 2 days of the raw salads, I got very bored with them. No matter what I did or mixed together, they simply did not taste good and left be feeling annoyed. Since I had decided to eat raw partly for spiritual reasons, I tried to talk myself into eating them. On Wednesday, I was on the phone with my friend Pam and kept joking about how my period was late and that if she were here we would go get a pregnancy test. (This was a joke between us, following that only time I got a little pregnancy doubt and we went to do it just for fun. No need to say, it turned out negative that time). We started to talk about our future pregnancies as well and other girl things. That Wednesday morning I also finished danse class a little early because I was out of breath. Again, thought NOTHING of it. "I just need to rest more" I told myself. On Thursday, January 30th, after my boxing class, I went on my period tracker app and saw this: 10 days late

That's when it kinda hit that 10 days late was not usual at all for me. In fact, it had never happened before. So I sat down and had my mom next to me. I told her jokingly that I was 10 days late but that it did not mean anything. "10 days Sophie! that never happened before. I really think you might be pregnant" At this point, my mom had been teasing me so much with pregnancy jokes that I just brushed it off but this time she was very serious and did not think that it was a coincidence that I was so late.

Since we were supposed to leave for Paillant (In the countryside) the next day, I asked her if she wanted to go get a pregnancy test with me just so I would not overthink this whole thing while we would be away..far from pharmacies and pregnancy tests.

"Let me just do it so I can confirm that I am NOT pregnant and go on with my life" I told myself. So we got in the car and drove to the nearest pharmacy.

When I got home, I peed on it in the most nonchalant way possible. I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so I could stop thinking about the possibility of being pregnant. Just a few SECONDS after putting the pee drops on jar dropped...2 LINES! AS CLEAR AS THEY COULD BE.

I put my head against the wall because I felt like I would pass out as I watched my mom talking on the phone, waiting for me to confirm the results. As I was leaning on the wall she kept talking , turning her back on me and had not seen me yet. When she finally turned around and saw my posture she opened big eyes asking what was happening. "That's impossible... I am pregnant!"

My mom immediately let out a scream of joy! Meanwhile I was asking her to calm down so I could buy another one. Why did I even buy just one test SMH... amateur. When the second test arrived... it confirmed what the first one had so clearly shown... PREGNANT! Yes! I was pregnant!!!! OMG. I immediately started planning how I would tell Jean-Luc. He was at work and I called him saying I was not feeling well (ok..I know... maybe not the best prank) and to come right now if possible. Surely enough, he left everything and rushed home to me. While he was on his way I showered, put some lipstick on etc (laughing just thinking about it) and put the 2 pregnancy tests on his pillow. While I was getting dressed,it hit me that my bra was almost too tight... woah, when did this even happen....

When Jean-Luc arrived, almost out of breath (still feel bad for that bad prank), he saw me laying on the bed and mentioned that I looked VERY good for someone who sounded like she was about to pass out. That's when I asked him to come lay next to me. And in just a few seconds, I started laughing and he said "You are pregnant aren't you...". I then asked him to turn around and he saw the pregnancy tests on his pillow. "What do they even mean!!?" He said. Please understand we are not used to pregnancy tests hahaha. "I am pregnant!!"

At that moment, the adrenaline he had been feeling just left and he let himself crash in my arms. "I was so worried about you" he said. ok ok...I know, I really felt bad about the prank at that moment. It took us a few minutes to process and after an hour the surprise and shock was subsided with JOY and excitement as we started telling our closed ones. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!

I sent them this picture saying "Which one makes me look more Pregnant? Left or Right?" And it was the sweetest time. Getting their reactions one by one. Our friends and family members were over the moon!

That same night, I was lucky enough to see a doctor and confirm that I was indeed pregnant. I did not want to fully believe it before I could see the embryo on the screen. 6 weeks and 1 day! He said, but we then found out I was more like 5 weeks and a few days when he had checked. I was VERY MUCH pregnant!

So Baby H. was conceived around December 20th!!! and fertilised a week after. Or something like that....I am still not too sure lol

As Jean-Luc said "We did have some pretty bomb sex in December...." well.... not only did we have some great sex, we made a whole human while we were at it hahaha.

First look - About 5 weeks
First look - About 5-6 weeks

Baby H... you are already sooooo loved. We are all waiting for you with the greatest joy and we cannot wait to meet you. You are worth every cancelled or postponed work plan. Nothing , absolutely nothing is more important than you. You are the blessing God used to show mommy and daddy that right when they started wanting you, He put you in the womb. You are the answer to our heart's prayers. You are going to change our lives in the most beautiful way. Mommy and Daddy are already so excited to see what you look like, sound like.... Baby H. you are the tangible mark of our love. I already love you more than words will ever be able to express.

We are over the moon about the news of our baby and I am also looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you. You can expect videos and posts on: Trimester recaps, symptoms, what I eat in a day as a pregnant woman, gender reveal, nursery prep, and why not a delivery day vlog.... who knows... I will decide as the pregnancy unfolds. Not promising anything but I will go with the flow.

I am very happy to be sharing this joy I feel thinking about this life growing inside of me.

Thank you guys for reading. I will see you soon


Mommy to be

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