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I am Ann-Sophie Hamilton. A lover of life, good conversations and good food. I am a wife, mom, entrepreneur and Jesus lover. I am also a life and business coach who makes it my mission to help others believe in their sauce  and live a life and/or career that is authentic to them and the gifts God has placed inside of them.

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Travel . Cooking . Business . Faith Walk . Lifestyle.

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Welcome to my Blog!

This blog's goal is to inspire you by showing you glimpses of my life. From travel tips, faith walk, recipes, home decor and motivation, I will do my best to share as much as I possibly can!

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"Such an inspiration! First of all, this book was God sent to me. I read it at a very difficult and questionable time of my life and throughout the book I felt loved and valued, and that it was okay to want/ have a relationship with God.
With her transparency and honesty, this young lady uses her own stories and life struggles to motivate and inspires you to question every aspect of your life. It doesn't matter if you share her faith or not, this book will immediately get you thinking. All in all Great read."

Stephanie Taina

"Very nice, I feel so blessed to have read this book. It's great to hear once again how awesome and amazing God is."

Thandron Dadaille

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I used Sophie for consulting and it was an amazing experience. Sophie helped by not only bringing my vision to life but helped me translate my creativity into sales and profits for my business.



I took the business Coaching with @miss0phie and @hamiltote because I wanted to finally launch my dream.... and after talking to Ann-Sophie i was convinced.
This project had been cooking for a while and I never mastered the strength to really jump. I invested in a lot of class like community management and digital marketing but there was always something missing . I can say for sure it was some good guidance: and that’s what I found with them. A detailed personalized and straight forward approach on how to get my business started. I cannot thank them enough because not only did it help me business wise but also personally we worked on some aspects that were blocking me from having success.  BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE!!