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It cannot wait any longer

"Everything is urgent until we are too sick to get things done" This quote resonates so much with the toxic pace of life of most people these days. For generations and generations now, we have been conditioned to think that rest was something that needed to be earned.

Most people do not consider their mental, physical and emotional health as key components of their overall health. They put so any things first and even go out of their way to stay loyal to things like work and even religious duties but will put their health on the back seat and even forget that it even exists. This creates people who are constantly "tired". They seek fuel in sleep but then realize that no amount of sleep can restore this energy that seems to never come back. This is because, there is a fatigue that requires sleep and a fatigue that requires meaningful living!

While most people think that doing more of the things that fuel their souls is foolish and superficial, what they do not realize is that, it is part of the basic needs for our bodies to function properly.

What are the things you keep thinking about while reading this?

What have you been postponing or avoiding because you thought it "could wait"?

Stop postponing what you deeply know you need. Stop thinking that you need permission to do the things that are good for you. NOW is always the right time to decide to choose yourself.

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