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How to stay productive and organized as a self-employed

For the self-employed, I find that staying disciplined and organized can be more difficult than for someone working a regular shift. Why? Because...well, we always think we have time, don't we?

Between My business, My life as Travel and Lifestyle Vlogger, and more, I am a young entrepreneur who wears many different hats. I realize that failing to plan my days result in me being overwhelmed and wasting a lot of time. I quickly understood that my brain was not a computer and that I need to take conscious decisions about how I will plan my days so I can stay on top of my game.

Here are a few tips that might seem very simple but that will make a huge difference in your life. By applying these simple tricks, you will go from an average entrepreneur to a kickass.


And write EVERYTHING in there. No matter what you randomly say you will do, even in a casual conversation, write it in your agenda. Writing it down will make it concrete for you and will also help you see if it is a realistic projection compared to what you already have planned for this particular day. There is power in writing down your plans. Do not neglect it. Make sure your agenda for the next day is filled out the night before and avoid yourself the stress of forgetting important meetings or tasks.


Even if you do not have to punch in inside a building, create the habit of always setting an alarm early for the next day. This one might be difficult if you are used to sleeping in, but trust me, it is a master key for your productivity. I set up my alarm for 6:30 AM and this has helped me to start my day early and not waste any time. Teach your body the habit of rising early. If you do not control your body, your body will control you and you will always feel limited in what you can do.


Do some exercise as soon as you get out of bed (and this should not be more than 5 minutes after your alarm) even if it is very light. Walk around your house, go up and down the stairs, or go to the gym if you want to! The point is to get active so your body and mind can be alert to tackle the day


That is right... It is not enough to write in your agenda. You also need to use it throughout your day and check the tasks as the day goes by. If one activity is postponed, write it for the correct date. But never put your agenda aside to go with the flow.


Be a planner. An entrepreneur always needs to be 10 steps ahead of time. Take the time to set up big goals and to describe the small goals you will need to set to complete the big picture. Then set up your daily activities based on these goals. Being an entrepreneur has 2 big traps: You can either procrastinate because you do not know where to start or you can overwork yourself by doing too much at the same/wrong time. If you are like me, you get 10000 ideas by the hour and failing to write them down and setting priorities can end up in a mess. create a big board if you have to in order to keep your goals in front of you. This will keep you sane.


"But Sophie, I thought the good side of being self-employed was that I got to stay in PJs all day" While it is VERY tempting to do so, I do not advise you take this route. Staying in pajamas all day will decrease your productivity and encourage you to procrastinate. You can still be in comfy clothes! But I encourage you to freshen up a little. It will send the signal to your brain that it's time to get things done.


Set a time during the day where you are all alone with your thoughts so you can think and work in peace. As an entrepreneur, thinking is a crucial part of your productivity. Create this time where you can generate new ideas, develop old ideas and simply give yourself time to breathe and think things through.


The beauty of being self-employed is that you do not need to work in one place! woohoo. You can set up a great environment at your house but you can also go to different places (coffee shops, public work spaces...) if you want/need to. The important thing is to be in an environment that stimulates your mind and helps you complete your work.

A few work spaces ideas if you live in Haiti

Angeltouch Café

Magnolia Wellness Spa



Wide Awake Café

Rebo Expresso


Plan to rest. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to forget to set boundaries. We take our work to bed, to the diner table and to places we should not. It is important to set boundaries and times where we will put the work aside and simply spend time with our family or doing things that make us happy and recharge our batteries. Remember you are not a robot and need quality sleep, nutrients, sunshine and laughter in order to be the best version of yourself. Being disciplined with your rest will help you be more organized.

If you want to learn how to get more organized, it is not to late to join my Vision Board party that I am hosting at Totto's Restaurant in Haiti on Thursday February 7th, at 7:00 PM for only $25 including material, tapas and wine! SEND AN EMAIL ON ANNSOVILE@GMAIL.COM to reserve your spot.

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