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How traveling with my husband strengthened our friendship and intimacy

Traveling has always had a special place in my heart. I could write pages and pages about things I’ve experienced in different corners of the world. I have learned and felt so much throughout these years of jumping on planes without a care in the world, trying new foods and having my eyes open up in awe of this wonderful world. Traveling solo has been one of the most life changing, transformative experiences and I am forever grateful to have been able to do that. But you know what has also been transformative? Traveling with my husband. We started traveling together as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2016 when we went to Vietnam together and the adventure continued when we got married the next year. From Zip lining in Costa Rica, eating street food in Ho Chi Minh, walking in the streets of China, skydiving in Orlando, enjoying Las Vegas, the trips we have taken just us two became the highlights of our marriage.

It allowed us to truly see each other as friends I feel like it is so easy, while being married to forget that you two are friends first. Yea we read it in relationship blogs and we might hear it from our counselor or elders but it is not so easy to apply this when you need to have conversations about bills, clothes on the floor or else. It is is easy to see our friends as friends when we can share great moments and can limit or simply avoid difficult ones. Traveling with my husband is that time where we can just be friends. Where we get excited like little kids about cool stuff we are discovering, where we can have that sense of being carefree. I still smile when I think about us in Vietnam or Costa Rica. Sometimes, we didn’t even have anything planned, we just went with the flow and to me, these will always be some of our best moments It allowed us to create memories Memories are such a great way to create bonds. I think that some people grow apart because they only dwell on old memories without understanding the importance to keep creating new ones along the way. Today’s experiences become tomorrow’s memories. I believe it is super important to keep writing in the book. It creates great topics to talk and laugh about. I dont know about you, but being able to revisit great memories with my husband is one of the things that makes me feel our intimacy (and makes me want to get intimate ;) ) It makes us look forward to the future Because we have so many great memories from our travels, it makes us plan more and talk about the countries we want to visit and the things we want to do together. My mom always told me that one of the keys to a great marriage is to always have projects together and things to look forward to. For us, it’s all of the adventures we want to have and the things we want to see. I am so grateful to have my lover as travel buddy. It is truly a blessing. Do you travel with your significant other? Has the experience helped you strengthen your bond?


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