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Jean-Luc turns 30

3 weeks ago, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday so I threw a little party by the pool. I wanted everybody to have a good time while keeping it simple and more or less intimate.

I made sure the decor was simple with a rustic touch and lots of picture to personalize everything and remind people of the memories they have with Jean-Luc. Even the photo props where VERY personalized. See pictures below. haha

I made sure there were plenty of options for Vegans and Met eaters

Grilled Meats, Hot-dogs, Plantain chips with guacamole and salsa, vegan lasagna, meat lasagna, rice, fried plantains, pork, Vegan pasta salad... There truly was food for everybody

Friends and family were gathered in different groups, chatting and laughing

I made sure we had games available so everybody could play. My favorite was SUSPEND

We had a friend playing music and danced.

Overall, it was a nice Sunday with friends and family and my husband felt loved and celebrated. We ended the night by cutting 2 cakes

I am truly focused on having more of these moments surrounded by loved ones, doing simple things. Life should always be celebrated and an expression of the great relationships God created us to have with one another.

Cheers to more life!

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