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Ok ok... I know you've heard this multiple times before but THIS is the best salad EVER! I've been falling in love all over again with salads and I've been enjoying playing with them and discovering new flavors. This salad (that we will call Jina just because) will make anybody fall in love I promise. Even non salad eaters.

You will want a big bowl for this one because...who doesn't like eating their salad in a big bowl?!

Wash some romaine or butter lettuce. Make sure you have a big bed, 4 to 5 cups or more and put them at the bottom of your bowl.

Shred some purple cabbage just for color and to add some crunch. 1/2 cup will do

Put some pieces of Goat cheese flavored with herbs. DO NOT get plain goat cheese. This is very important.

Add shredded salmon. I simply put leftovers from a day before that the cook had prepared. But please feel free to prepare your salmon as you wish.

Walnut "meat". Crush some walnuts until they look like ground meat. Mix with Haitian seasoning or your favorite seasonings. Saute it in olive oil until cooked and crunchy. Pour it on top of your salad

Take half of a pita bread. Slice it in thin and long stripes and saute them in plant based butter, olive or avocado oil until nice and crispy. Pour on your salad.

Drizzle some virgin olive oil on your salad with a tiny bit of agave for a sparkle of sweetness.

Mix....sit outside if possible. ENJOY!

Let me know if you try it.



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