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You can never go wrong with toasts. Knowing how to diversify them and make them savoury or sweet can really bring joy and deliciousness to your Sundays or any other day of the week ;)

Here are my 3 favorites! I Can eat them all together with no problem but feel free to make 1 type at a time if that's more your thing.

I am using EZEKEL BREAD so these are also perfect as a gluten-free option but feel free to use any type of bread you wish.

Put 3 slices of bread in the toaster or oven so they can be hot and crispy. While the bread is heating up, prepare your spreads


Open an avocado and take out the meat. Smash the avocado in a bowl using a fork. Sprinkle some garlic powder and the juice of half a small lime. Spread! Add some black pepper if that is your thing.


For those of you who haven't read it already, I wrote a blog post on how to prepare the perfect tofu scramble

For my toast, I cooked the tofu oil-free and used pieces of shallots, garlic and cayenne peppers as veggies. Kept it very simple but feel free to check out the other blog post for a scramble with more ingredients. As spices: Sea salt, curry and nutritional yeast. Put on oven and stir until hot and cooked. Put it on hot bread toast. Extra trip: add hot sauce if you want to ;)


This one was a first for me. I used chocolate nibs (pure cacao chunks) and put the little chunks on a pan on the oven on low heat. Poured a little bit of almond milk to help it melt faster. Stir until it starts melting. Add some pure maple syrup and cinnamon powder before stirring some more. When all nibs chunks are melted, turn off oven. Spread on hot bread and add pieces of strawberries and bananas.

Here you have a delicious combination of savoury and sweet flavours that will satisfy you for breakfast, or if you are like me, any time of the day haha :D

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comment box below


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