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4 restaurants I recommend if you visit Sint Maarten

Back from a week long vacation in Sint Maarten and boy had I missed getting away and visiting new countries. The trip was short but allowed me to disconnect and spend time with friends. Even though I was not able to rest as much as I wanted to while traveling with a baby, this trip was well needed and left me wanting more.

There are so many things I could write about but I will start with FOOD. In this blog, I will share 4 of the foodie experiences I've had on the trip and why I recommend each one of them.

Sale Y Pepe is a beautiful waterfront Italian restaurant that makes you feel like you have been transported to Santorini. The white and blue colors provide such a fresh feel. We chose a table right in front of the large glass window and had a beautiful view on the water and green mountains.

As soon as we were seated by a staff member, we were served some fresh bread with olive oil, parmesan and the best sweet chili sauce I ever had. After a long half day of zip-lining and tubing at the Rainforest adventures Sint Maarten Rockland State , it was the perfect lunch spot.

As an appetizer, my husband and I shared a platter composed of different delicacies like anchovies, seasoned eggplants, zucchinis, carpaccio and more. the cold platter was flavorful and perfect with the bread.

As a main dish, I got a seafood mix pasta in pink sauce and Jean-Luc got braised pork on a bed of risotto. That is without mentioning all of the dishes we got to taste from our friends plates: Crab cake, Lamb and more.

I definitely recommend if you are looking for a nice spot to eat in Sint Maarten. We went mid-afternoon but I can imagine how nice the waterfront must look at night with the boats floating on the water.

Rainbow Cafe is a beach club rooftop restaurant on the French side of the island. Beautiful, boho, it is seriously such a vibe. This was our first breakfast stop and I absolutely loved it. With a view right on the blue ocean, Rainbow cafe gives you the impression of being in Tulum. The music, the breeze and the friendly staff make you feel right at home.

I've had a dish called "Hungover" (Not pictured here but you can catch a glimpse of it here ) composed of 3 pancakes, eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese and BBQ sauce! It was so delicious. Not what I would have on a regular day lol but perfect for vacation indulgence.

From the other plates, I got to try: avocado toasts with cooked cherry tomatoes, arugula, mushrooms and eggs. I also tasted the croissant and a fruity desert which were all very good. Definitely a must!

Right on the beach, Roxxy is not only a restaurant but the go to spot for those who want to party.

I got a frozé to start, Bao buns and appetizers (They come with 2 pork belly Buns and 2 Tuna buns). As main dish, I got the Kung Pao shrimp: jumbo tiger shrimps, onions ginger, roasted peanuts and rice

SAO is a Asian factory is a restaurant on the French side on the island. We went there at night and enjoyed diner. The drinks were very good! I got a crispy chicken sushi that was so delicious and as a main dish a coconut milk curry chicken with white rice.

We rented a nice airbnb for our stay and ate home a few times, limiting outings. I hope you enjoyed this blog and will stick around to read more about our stay, activities, traveling with a baby and more!



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