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One of the greatest questions when going plant-based is "How can you replace all of these unhealthy, yet very satisfying meals you loved so much?". Do not worry, it is totally normal to ask these questions. Whether you are going fully vegan or just trying to eliminate some unhealthy factors in your diet, there is always a way to make a healthier version of some dishes.

I personally loveeeee pasta. I can eat it every day without getting bored and one of the meals I used to enjoy a lot growing up was MacNcheese. Ouh that creamy MacNcheese before school served with some red Kool-Aid! While I now know how unhealthy these things are (they are not even real food! Our cheese or Juice should NEVER come in a weird powder form. That's processed junk), there is still an emotional attachment to it and that is normal. It is super important to know that most of the time, it is not the actual food we miss but more the memories and ''feel' good'' sensation attached to it. So why not prepare something that reminds you of all these flavors but while using healthy, whole and REAL ingredients?

This MacNoCheese recipe is absolutely delicious, filling, nutritious and definitely something kids will enjoy. Let's try it out!

For this recipe, you'll need: (cooking for 2 people)

Macaroni (I used Gluten-Free macaroni made of quinoa ,brown rice, white rice and corn) but you can use any macaroni you want!

3 or 4 Regular Potatoes

2 big Carrots



2 Limes

Turmeric powder

Curry powder

Sea salt

Nutritional yeast (VERY ESSENTIAL)

Unsweetened Plant-Based milk (almond, coconut or cashew)

Let's get cooking!

The sauce

  • Boil the potatoes and carrots in the same pot

  • When they are completely soft and cooked, peel the potato skin off

  • Cut them in smaller pieces and put them in a blender

  • Pour the plant-based Milk half way-through. (We do not want the sauce to be too liquid!)

  • Pour a hand-full of onions

  • Pour curry (No measurements... follow your gut. But it needs to be enough so the flavor can pop)

  • Pour some turmeric

  • Pour sea salt (Be a little generous so the flavors can pop)

  • Pour chopped garlic or garlic powder

  • Pour the nutritional yeast

  • Pour the lime juice

  • Blend until soft and enjoy seeing your creamy yellow sauce form!

  • Taste and see if anything is missing...then add whatever spice you want until you are satisfied

Note: You can also sneak in some other veggies like kale or peppers, that your kids (or friends lol) would not usually want to eat. They won't notice

Final touch

  • In a pan, pour a very small amount of olive oil and saute some onions and garlic

  • When they are golden, pour the creamy sauce on low heat

  • Optional (you can add some vegan cheese but keep in mind that this is also part of "processed foods'' even if it is free of animal

  • Pour the cooked macaroni

  • Mix until everything is melting together

  • Taste

  • Add any spices you need

  • Serve!

Note: Some people like putting this in the oven to have a gratiné but I personally love my cheesy soft MacNoCheese

I ate the whole casserole! No need to tell you that it was a total success. If you are a creamy pasta lover, I encourage you to try this out and let me know what you think in the comment box below. Let's make healthier choices while still living fully and enjoying things we love.


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