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My (Almost Gluten-Free) & Vegan Pizza

Hello foodies!

Let's talk a little about conscious eating.

I have been having some fun in the kitchen lately. Since going plant-based, I am so passionate about learning more about the benefits of different foods. I can say that I became a conscious eater. I do not put things in my mouth just because. I make sure that I KNOW what I put in my body. But most importantly, I make eating a divine experience. This might sound a little intense to some but I have come to a place where I realize that everything we do for ourselves, whether it is eating, breathing, exercising, should not be done unconsciously. When I learn about the benefits of my ingredients, I make sure I thank God for each property a I eat and enjoy my delicious food. I thank God for the food that is healing me and empowering me as I eat. This practice has changed my life and has made something as simple as eating so much more fun. I put some music on while cooking, I dance, sing and pour love into what I am cooking. While eating, I make sure I truly enjoy it. I refuse to make my food experience boring or followed by guilt if ever I indulge in something that is not particularly healthy. I want everything I do to benefit me physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a crucial part of my self-care

Now let's get cooking!

I called this pizza ALMOST gluten-free because I had to cheat and use some regular flour to make my dough hold together. I Know there are many techniques to make a pure gluten-free and vegan (no eggs) dough, however, a sister has not mastered this art yet and hey, I really wanted to get this pizza done so...

For the dough I used:

GF flour (almond is what I used this time)

A little bit of regular flour so it does not fall apart


Sea Salt

Olive oil

Mix the almond flour with water in a big bowl, add a little bit of flour until reaches a stickier consistency. Remember if won't ever look (or taste) like your regular dough so just be patient as you reach desired texture. Add some salt, olive oil as you mix.

Also, never expect me to give exact measurements. I don't believe in measurements lol. I go with what feels right.

Once you have reached desired consistency, shape the dough as you wish. I prefer a round pizza. And put in oven at 450 degrees for about 7 to 10 minutes.

Take it out of the oven and spread your sauce f choice. This is the brand I currently used:

It does not contain any animal products, which can be found in the common sauces like Ragu for example! This one is Organic and made in Haiti. I have to admit the consistency is quite liquid, which can sometimes not be ideal for some recipes bit I simply mix it when some tomatoes and nutritional yeast on low heat to thicken it up a little. Then spread it on your flat dough. Top with veggies of choice! I used black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, green, red and yellow peppers, onions, purple cabbage. But feel free to top it with any veggies you want! Top it with some nutritional yeast for a cheesy feeling. Put it back in oven at the same temperature for about 20 minutes or until it looks ready to you! I PERSONALLY LOVE A CRUNCHY HOMEMADE PIZZA.


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