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Whenever possible, connect to nature while eating

It is no secret that I absolutely LOOOOVE Buddha bowls. I love any dish that allows me to mix the different flavors to get a wild explosion in my mouth. (go figure why I love Mexican cuisine so much...). This one came to my mind while I was sitting down and thinking about what I could cook at home later that day. And this is how the purple cabbage mixture came to my mind. It is colorful, rich in flavor, easy to make and HEALTHY. Ready to learn how to cook it at home? Let's do this!

First and foremost

About 5 hours or more before you start cooking this meal, cook your black beans! (Unless you want to buy the canned ones, which I do not really recommend if you can make your own) Put some uncooked black beans in a pot with some water(enough to cover your beans), garlic, onion and some sea salt and other herbs of your choice. Cook it on low to medium heat until it is soft and reached desired texture. This WILL take several hours.

In a different pot, cook some white rice


You'll need:

  • Red cabbage

  • onions

  • tomatoes

  • mushrooms

  • green pappers

  • spinach

  • sweet plantain (that''s the secret ingredient)

  • Olive oil

  • a lime

Do not forget your spices!

  • Sea salt

  • rosemary


Let's get started

On a cutting board, slice the onions, tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms

Pour a little bit of olive oil (just enough to get the pan slippery) in the pan and put it on the oven on medium heat, then add everything you just cut. Leave it alone until onions start getting golden. (For me, it took about 6 minutes). Then stir a little and leave it 1 more minute and put your golden veggies in a bowl.

In the same pan, add a little more oil and start frying your sweet plantains until they are slightly golden. Keep in mind we do not want to deep fry! Just getting a golden look.

Once you see the edges started to brown up, at your golden veggies. Stir a little until it creates one gorgeous mix.

Now, time to add your chopped cabbage and spinach ! Yup...Just throw them in there too and start mixing everything on high heat using ideally 2 wooden spoons.

Pour some rosemary, sea salt and lime juice, then mix some more.

Put the heat on low and let the flavors mix for 1 minute or 2.

*You could also add a little soy or teriyaki sauce if you want*

On one side of a large bowl, add the red cabbage mix, on 2nd side add the cooked black beans, and on the 3rd add your white rice (curry rice can also be a very good option).

Step outside with your bowl and spoon, take a deep breath, thank God for the rich meal you are about to have...DIG INNNN.


Have you or are you planing on trying this? Let me know in the comment box below! And please tag @miss0phie so I can see your version of this recipe on Instagram!


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