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Random cravings are real and they happen to the best of us. As a new (and even old) vegan, you might find yourself craving things that are no longer part of your diet and while I am all for flexibility and listening to your body, it is important to discern a craving coming from your body really asking for something and cravings awaken by a memory, emotion or just hunger. If you have set a certain goal for yourself, you don't always need to give in to every desire.

For a few days now, I have been craving scrambled eggs! Eggs mixed with onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese... hummmm. If you know a little about my journey on the road to recovery from auto-immune disease, you know that at this moment, I do not intend on putting animal products in my body. So what did I do to satisfy my craving while still giving my body the right nutrients it needs to thrive?

That's right, I used TOFU.

For this recipe you'll need:

First and foremost, to put some music in the kitchen and dance while you bless this food!


Semi-Firm tofu




green, yellow or red belpeppers


tomatoes (I did not have any today)

Olive oil

Hot pepper



Sea salt


Nutritional yeast

While your pita bread is in the oven,

1- On high heat, fry your onions, mushrooms, garlic, sprouts, tomatoes in a little bit of olive oil (You can do this oil free as well by using water and spices instead of oil)

2- Smash your tofu in a plate, then add it to your golden veggies

3- Pour Turmeric powder and mix until it becomes yellow and gorgeous

4- Add the sea salt. Taste until you are satisfied

5- Go salt bae on it with the nutritional yeast! This is what will give your tofu the cheesyyyy flavor. Seriously, just pour it up pour it up and watch it all fall up. *In Rihanna's voice*

6- Add the pieces of hot pepper and mix with your now yellow and flavorful tofu scramble

7-Leave on very low heat for 1 minute

Serve with crunchy pita bread!



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